RetroTINK Firmware Repository

Your one-stop firmware shop for the entire family of RetroTINK devices


Welcome to the RetroTINK Firmware Repository. This website serves as a comprehensive directory for every user-updatable RetroTINK device and firmware. Please choose your device from the following:

Device Release Experimental SD card images
RetroTINK-4K Latest: 1.3.4
Latest: 1.4.1
Latest: 1.3.4
RetroTINK-5X Pro Latest: 3.71
Latest: 3.94

RetroTINK-2X family devices:

RetroTINK-2X Pro RetroTINK-2X SCART RetroTINK-2X MINI RetroTINK-2X Pro Multiformat
Latest: 1.7 Latest: 1.6 Latest: 1.2 Latest: 1.8

NOTE: 2X-Classic firmware is not provided on the basis that updating it requires the use of a PIC programmer, rather than updating via USB or SD card, as well as concerns with 2X-Classic clone devices.

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